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Q&A - Fanny Paddams - FAQ

Here is a Collection of the Most Frequently Asked Questions to Help Make Selecting Your Perfect Fanny Paddams Cloth Menstrual Pads Even Easier. Need More Help? Please Contact Us!

How Many CSP's Will I Need?

It depends entirely on how often you want to change them, how heavy your cycle is and whether you want to wash as you go or save them all up for a big wash at the end of your cycle. Typically, women use around 5 or 6 per day, so if washing as you go, between 12 and 15 pads should be sufficient to see you through. If only washing at the end of you cycle, you are likely to need a few more. If in doubt, start small and build your stash up each month until you have the right amount for you.


How Often Do I Need To Change My CSP?

You change as and when you feel you need to much like disposables.


Which Length Should I Choose?

The average length of a disposable pad is between 9" and 10" so this is a good place to start. If you find you bleed off the end of a disposable pad, or find you need to use the longer night time pads, you need to choose a longer length. If you find that your disposable pad is a bit too long, or you only bleed in the centre, you can choose a shorter length pad.


Which Absorbency Should I Choose?

CSP's are much like disposable pads in terms of absorbency levels, so for your heavier days, purchase pads suitable for a heavy flow, for lighter days choose a light absorbency, and so on. You will probably need a range of absorbencies to see you through the different stages of your cycle. Cloth pads do tend to be more absorbent than their disposable counterparts, and for a lot of women, they do tend to make a cycle shorter or lighter.


Which Way Up Do I Wear My CSP?

Any CSP bought from Fanny Paddams are worn patterned side up, against your skin. The plain fleece side goes against your underwear to help prevent it slipping around and to provide a water resistant barrier to prevent leaks. Other brands may vary.


What Stops My CSP Moving Around?

The water resistant fleece backing provides a "grippy" surface to prevent a pad moving about in your underwear and the wings wrap around your underwear for a tight fit. It is also important to note that you will need a good fitting pair of knickers in a brief style. Other types of knickers will not provide a good fit for CSP or disposable pads.


How Long Do CSP's Last?

If CSP's are looked after and washed correctly, they can last well over 5 years!




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