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Fanny Paddams | Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads


Fanny Paddams Provides Reusable Cloth Pads, Custom and Ready Made, Washable Wipes, Face Scrubbies, Breast / Nursing Pads, Wetbags, Drying Straps and more, as a Zero Waste Alternative to Disposable Sanitary Towels and Single Use Products.


My name is Emma and I am the Owner, Creator and Designer of Fanny Paddams. I am located in a small village in Warwickshire in the UK and provide a zero waste and reusable alternative to menstrual pads and accessories!

Women can go through around 16,000 sanitary pads during a lifetime and most of these will end up in landfill or lining our beautiful coasts. This is possibly the most important reason to make the switch to reusable sanitary pads, to reduce plastic consumption and keep our land and out oceans clean! In the long run, using cloth pads will also save you money since you aren't throwing them away each month, you are washing and reusing and having a zero waste period.


CSP are also more comfortable than their disposable counterparts since they are made using carefully selected breathable materials which help you to feel fresher during your cycle and monthly bleed and prevent that sweaty feeling. Cloth pads are better for your overall health since they are not filled with nasty chemicals, like their disposable counterparts, which can be and is absorbed into our bodies through our skin. There is much evidence to suggest that by making the switch and ditching the disposables, you can shorten the length of your monthly bleed as well as significantly minimising menstrual cramping (most likely due to the lack of chemicals).

In addition to ALL of the above, they are made using the most amazingly colourful fabrics and make that awful time of the month so much may even start to look forward to your period!!!

Give Cloth Pads A Go And See For Yourself :)


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